Our patented "Chiral Carbon Catalog" platform enables us to synthesize the building blocks that can be combined to produce a library of analogs of those complex SGSMs.  Not only have we synthesized those building blocks on a large scale, but we achieved that in fewer steps and using less expensive starting materials than any other synthesis to date.  Synthesis is one thing, but if the economics of time, effort, and cost of goods are not there, and if the synthesis is not industry friendly, it is not going to make it to market.  AKANOCURE ACHIEVED THAT.

Our first group of SGSMs belongs to the class of polypropionate polyketides. The main challenge facing the development of SGSM of that class is the lack of a sustainable SUPPLY.

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What are SGSMs

(second generation small molecules) 

The Mission

SGSMs are a group of novel bio-inspired anti-cancer drugs that are designed to have the affinities and elicit the protein-protein interaction (PPI) modulation of macromolecules while retaining the high tumor permeability of small molecules.

SGSMs are designed to be inexpensive to develop, avoid the side effects of chemotherapy, elicit response in most patients, suppress metastasis, and prolong remission. Some SGSMs could have synergistic  effect when combined with immunotherapies.

The Solution

The Challenges

Chemical synthesis on a large scale in those cases is sometimes extremely challenging to almost impossible due to structure complexity.

As a drug development company, we are dedicated to introducing a group of bio-inspired second generation small molecules (SGSM)as breakthrough therapeutics for orphan and unmet needs in cancer. Our drug design is enabled by our synthesis platform that made otherwise unattainable compounds readily available. 

"No matter how attractive a biological profile a compound might possess, unless  an adequate supply stream can be generated, the compound will remain of novelty value” - J.G. Burgess, R. Osinga, R.h. Wijffels , Marine Biorprocess Engineeering

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