Akanocure Chemicals, is a division of Akanocure Pharamceuticals and is dedicated to making complex chiral building blocks available to the scientific community to help in advancing API development in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and agrochemical industries.

StereoTet Lactones

The stereocontrol of the four adjacent chiral carbon atoms in a stereotetrad represents a major synthetic challenge. The latter property has prohibited polypropionates with useful biological activities from becoming viable therapeutic candidates.

As part of our mission, we will provide all possible sixteen stereotetrads (in the form of chiral lactones) on practical scales to enable the total synthesis of polyketide polypropionate analogs. Our library of enantiopure lactones possesses great synthetic versatility to further elaborate multiple versions of termini-differentiated linear segments ready for couplings. The potential of those chiral lactones to serve as common precursors for multiple desired versions of linear segments bearing four contiguous stereocenters makes these lactones ideal tools and very useful building blocks for total synthesis of polyproprionate analogs. In addition, their synthetic flexibility enables them to be useful entries for more diverse and complex libraries.

All StereoTetâ„¢ lactones are commercially available at  https://akinainc.com/polyscitech/products/akanocure/order.php 

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A library of chiral lactones (cyclic stereotetrads). These lactones can be opened by a nucleophile to afford termini differentiated linear stereotetrads.

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